Monday 31 January 2011


Home sweet home – Loxley Valley

Our house is our haven, in a lovely spot
We wouldn’t change it; we love what we’ve got
Trees stand tall and the fields are green
We are lucky to be here it’s so serene
In summer it’s marvellous in its glory
But in winter it’s a different story
Winter brings snow, everything stands still
Can’t get off the drive or up and down the hill
Its worth all the hassle to live in this place
What ever the season, Loxley shows its grace
When spring arrives it lifts our spirits high
The sprouting leaves, the clear blue sky
The birds come home to sing in the trees
As leaves begin to rustle in the warm breeze
We will never leave here; it holds us under its spell
The duck pond and the little ducks we know so well
Country lanes we drive along lead to scenic bliss
Sights around Loxley we’d never want to miss

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