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Suki The Cygnet


Animals and Friends

book 2

Leonardo The Lion

Animals and Friends

Book 1

Kimba The Kitten

Now available in Paperback and Kindle.

Bossy the Bunny meets Mia the Shih Tzu


Available in paperback and kindle format

A very merry lesbian Christmas

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kindle format

A collection of adult rhyming verses

Some happy, some sad, some funny and some sexy verses

Bossy the Bunny


At the Zoo

Bossy the Bunny

Book 6

On Holiday

Available in paperback and kindle format



Available Now

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Bossy the Bunny at the Doctors

Book five in the series

Bossy the Bunny at Christmas 

Book four


Pamela Griffiths 

Bossy the Bunny at Christmas link

Bossy the Bunny at School

Book 3


Pamela Griffiths

Bossy the Bunny the birthday 

Book 2

‘Through the window of life’

A collection of rhyming poems 

for all age groups 

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'Bossy The Bunny At Easter'

Book 1
This is the first rhyming story book for young children.

'Fur Babies'

A book of rhyming poems for animal lovers everywhere.


Book two in the 

DCI Chrissie Charles Thrillers

Under A Blood Red Moon


Pamela Griffiths

Link to book

Under a Blood Red Moon


Pamela Griffiths


A small collection of rhyming poems published August 2016


A Sheffield Lass


Pamela Griffiths

A collection of poems set in Sheffield from the early fifties onwards

The fourth book of poems

Life Is A Spiral Staircase

Pamela Griffiths

The third book of Poems by Pamela Griffiths
Published by United Press Ltd.  London.

Read For Animals 2


This is a charity anthology for animals. 
Proceeds go to animal shelters. 
Various authors and poets included.
A short story and a poem are included in the anthology
by Pamela Griffiths

Poets Of The Year

Pamela has been included in this national poetry book
Published by United Press Ltd. London.

The Stamp Master


Pamela Griffiths

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D.C.I. Chrissie Charles (Lesbian Detective) and her partner Dr. Janny Stowers endevour to solve the mystery of the serial killer The Stamp Master. A number of women are brutally raped and murdered in a quiet village in Sheffield, the killer is still at large. Following the kidnap of her partner Janny, can Chrissie get to her before the killer strikes again? 'A must read for detective thriller fans'

Pamela Griffiths - Author and Poet

Pamela has had her poem 'Clouds of Peace'
included in the anthology 'Poets of 2013'
Published by The UK Library 2014.

Pamela Griffiths - Author and Poet

Pamela has had her poem 'A Silent Song' 
included in the anthology 'Rhyming Verse Poets of 2013'
published by The UK Library 2014.

Tandem Tales

A collection of short stories


Pamela Griffiths
Jack Newman

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In A Word Murder

A short story anthology for charity by various authors

Pamela Griffiths has her short story 'The Agency' included in this book

Pamela Griffiths & Jack Newman

'Ocean's Apart'

UK Poetry Library 'Poets Of 2012'

Pamela's poem 'Expectations' has been published in this book.

Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas

Pamela Griffiths has a new book released

A collection of short stories and Rhyming poems for children and the young at heart for Christmas.

Beyond the Cat Flap

To order your paperback copy click on the link.

Scream for Halloween - Pamela Griffiths
A collection of short stories for Halloween.  Published October 2012.

Link to the U.K. kindle version of my new book Scream for Halloween

'Fifty Shades of Gay'

My new book Fifty Shades of Gay published September 2012 is a collection of adult poems.  It is available in paperback and Kindle format.

'Moments in Time'

My new book 'Moments in Time' has now been published. July 2012.

Paperback copies are available directly from me.  Also available in Kindle format.

'Telling Tales'  

Writers for Welfare, charity book.

I have two short stories published in this charity book .
'Intercepted' and 'The Last Waltz'.

'Crypto & Co, Season 1, The Fans Have Spoken'. 

My short story 'The Flight of the Unicorn' came second in a competition and was included in this short story anthology. (American)

'Writer's of the year 2011'
book  published by United Press Ltd, London.

I have been included in this book.

Poets of the Year book for 2011
published by United Press Ltd, London.

I have been included in this Anthology as one of the Poets of the Year. 

'Here and Now' published by United Press Ltd, London. 2011.

My award winning poem 'Home Sweet Home in Loxley Valley' is the main feature in this book.

'Rhymes for little children' - A book of Rhymes created for small children.  This book has been illustrated by me and availlable to buy via email .  Also available in Kindle format.

'Rhymes for little children' is also availlable for download in Kindle format from

Availlable for download, click on the link for appropriate country:




'Living Proof' - A book of short stories published 2011 by United Press Ltd, London.  A collection of short stories including a short story entitled 'Whispering Shadow' by Pamela Griffiths.  The book 'Living Proof' written by various authors, is availlable to order priced at £9.99p order your copy directly via email

'Whispering Shadow' by Pamela Griffiths is also availlable for download in Kindle format at  The Kindle verson is availlable in the following countries:

'Expressions of Life' - A Poetry book by Pamela Griffiths published 2009 by United Press Ltd, London.

'Control the Demon' - by Pamela Griffiths - Published by Minerva Press 1999

A detective thriller

'Tales of the Supernatural' - Anthology - Poets from around the world.

I have three poems in this anthology - 

Published by Deborah Simpson in the U.S.A.

'Ethereal Erotica' - Poetry Anthology 

Published by Deberah Simpson U.S.A

I have five poems published in this anthology.

Ethereal Erotica